Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Digging at Lakeshore Collegiate Garden

The soil is warming up and the PACT Lakeshore Collegiate Garden is waking up. Stefan, our committed intern at the Lakeshore Garden, is up early cleaning out those beds.

But he's not the only one doing some digging! This ground beetle is a beneficial insect in the garden who will feed on a long list of unwanted pests including slugs, Colorado potato beetle, cutworms, cabbage moth and caterpillars. They like to hang out under rocks and moist places, so we'll be sure to save our rocks and stones to create a habitat for this little guy. Keeping the beds mulched and moist will also ensure that him and his friend have a place to hang out.
The celery gets a warm cozy tuck

 Stefan plants onion sets

Still much work to be done here! If you'd like to volunteer at Lakeshore Collegiate Garden, send an email to  

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