Thursday, 11 April 2013

The JPCI Garden 2012

On the south side of the garden looking north. 
Last year was really exciting at JPCI's (John Polanyi Collegiate Institute) Schoolyard and Community Garden. The 2012 season was the gardens first fully functional year. The space bloomed into a diverse green classroom and community space that allowed everyone a safe space to learn, grow, and connect with nature.
preparing beds for cover croppig

The space behind the John Polanyi Athletic fields was a useless desolate space of gas guzzling lawn.
With the help of many individuals we were able to redesign the space into a fully functional garden.
JPCI students at our Pollinator planting day!
 The old long jump pits became raised beds that produced hundred of pounds of tomatoes peppers and cabbages. Chain link fences became trellises for a variety of heirloom beans, morning glories, and squashes. Sunflower walls were built to keep soccer balls out of the garden and to create a natural windbreak to help the plants grow large and healthy. We worked together to build a 25 person table out of pallets which we used to host community diners and run classes with. We used found sails to sew awnings and covers that provided shade from the hot summer sun. We planted over 400 native pollinators, and had over 500 students participate in the garden. This was only our first year. Who knows what can happen in the future.


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