Friday, 24 May 2013

Composting at JPCI

Mike compost "Guru" from foodshare showing Adam and Volunteers how
to properly mix compost to get the highest thermal mass.
Its pretty impressive how much "waste" we can create on our small farm at JPCI.
Something needed to be done about this! With a generous donation from the Toronto Green Community, and help from our friends at Toronto Composting Leaders and Food share we were able to build a beautiful cedar two bin worm composter! Oh and did i forget to tell you that it is fully insulated to help protect our red wrigglers (worms) all year round!

Showing everyone how hot decomposing can get!

Everyone has been getting super excited about all of the new composting we have been doing. Natalie and Adam have been running compost workshops with a bunch of different classes and students from the Lawrence heights neighborhood. We would love for everybody to come out and see all of the different compost systems we have set up!
After one long day of cutting and building we are finally seeing some amazing results.
Thanks to Toronto Green Community for the materials and plans to build the most beautiful worm
bin that we have ever seen!

Natalie is really excited about the removable insulation in the worm bin!

Adam can not wait until this bin is full of worm castings!

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