Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Springtime at John Polanyi Garden!

Spring has Sprung at Polanyi Garden! We can see huuuge differences already, as you can see below! Only 1 month has passed between these two photos, and already the garden has come alive!

We've had a stream of new volunteers in the garden, including community members, co-op students and youth completing their community service hours. We've been blown away by the passion and interest in organic farming we've seen from our volunteers, and are excited about continuing their learning opportunities in the space!

Pictured above: Mele, one of our volunteers, learns to use the broad fork for the first time! Her family owned a small farm in Turkey and she's brining lots of knowledge to our site.

We've got other visitors to the garden as well! A pair of Killdeer have nested in one of our beds for the season, and have already lain four eggs! Pictured above, Adam shows a grade 1 class where the nest is and teaches them about some of the amazing features of the Killdeer (click link above for info on this awesome bird!)

A big addition to the garden this year is the transformation of a pile of unused soil and cement into a functional butterfly garden! This has been a very special and inspiring project, and showcases the inherent possibilities of unused or underused spaces: 

Next up at Polanyi garden: Toronto Compost Leaders have generously donated an insulated worm composter to the garden! We'll be having a community compost build event this coming Friday, and will share some photos and stories from that event soon! 

Happy Spring!

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