Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A look back at our year with Flemington's Grade 1 class!

This week was our last week with Christine Davernas' grade 1 class from Flemington P.S. Throughout the school year, Christine's class came out once a week to fill the John Polanyi garden with laughter,silliness, questions and great learning moments! 

From plant identification, growing and harvesting techniques and wild edible walks, these grade 1's loved every moment of being in the garden, and we loved having them.


 We ended their time this week with us with a bee dance game (where students learned about how bees talk to each other by dancing in figure 8's!) and a water balloon toss (we helped these kids get over their fears of being dirty and wet pretty quickly this year!), and when we asked the students what they learned this year, they were all eager to put their hands up to list off the many things they remembered about their time in the garden.

Afterwards, Christine sent us an email that touched our hearts, letting us know just how much the kids enjoyed their time with our PACT Grow-to-Learn garden this year. Here's an excerpt:

" We'll be reading about something in class and they'll stop me to say something like ..."that's what Adam told us last week when we were at Polanyi garden" etc.
You must know that they LOVE being in the garden with both of you and wouldn't miss a trip for the world...You have been such a positive influence on particular in how playful you both are with them...They LOVE it!" 

We're so thrilled to know that the kids loved their time with us as much as we loved having them, and we cant' wait for a new round of grade 1 students this fall! HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! 

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