Sunday, 16 June 2013

West Humber Garden Grows Brassicas and more!

It has been a very busy month at the West Humber CI Garden. Our spring crops are doing very well, and we've been harvesting and caring for many beautiful plants from the Brassica family. These include radishes, kale and cabbage.

 Since April, flea beetles were eating the leaves of our Brassicas. I asked Adam for some tips, and he let me know that he's used wood ash in the past to help prevent flea beetle damage. We tried it by covering the leaves of our kale and cabbage plants with a light dusting of wood ash, and it has worked really well!

 Red & Green Cabbages with no more flea beetle damage!

 Our kale is growing huge very quickly!

 Students and intern, Sophia, hydrocool our radish and green onion harvest for our Sorauren Market stand by submerging the veg in cold water. By doing this we take out the "field heat" that the veggies hold from the sun. This will give them a much longer shelf life in the fridge, and will help them stay fresh before they can get to someone's fridge! Mmm, crisp & fresh!

 Companion plantings in raised beds: Lettuce, radish, onions

 Gorgeous radish varieties! French Breakfast (left), Easter Egg, D'Avignon, Black Spanish
 ...and Daikon radish (below)!

 We have begun donating our fresh harvests to Jamestown Community Food Hub every Wednesday morning. We delivered this basket of colourful radishes, and green & red russian kale last week. Community members were very excited!

We have 2 grape vines growing in the garden. One on the north fence, and one climbing up the pagoda. We are keeping busy with weeding the growing beds, harvesting, and mulching pathways to smother the weeds and grass and make the garden even more beautiful.

To volunteer on Mon, Wed or Fri please contact Bonnie at or 416-697-1027

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