Sunday, 11 August 2013

Elmbank & WHCI: Growing, Harvesting, At the Market, and Cooking Day!

July has been a very busy and productive month at Elmbank JMA Children's Garden and at West Humber Collegiate's Garden.
 At Elmbank JMA Children's Garden:

 The plants are growing quickly at Elmbank! Dedicated student volunteers have helped with watering, weeding and suckering and staking the tomato plants. 

3 sisters planting of corn, beans, and squash
We built trellises for our peas and pole beans using bamboo poles and green plastic fencing material. We simply wove the bamboo poles through the fencing material and voila! Instant trellises.

We received donations of plants from the community which we are very thankful for! They help to liven up the space and will provide food for years to come. Thank you to Joan Krammer for the donation of beautiful annual flowers and perennial herbs. We planted the flowers as borders along our new entrance beds where we've planted raspberries, strawberries, walking onions, chives, sage, and lemon balm. Thank you to Susan Berman and the Perth Dupont Community Garden for the generous donation of berries, herbs, and a mulberry tree!

 Nawin (Focus on Youth Toronto student) saws some boards to fix Elmbank's composter.

Meanwhile at West Humber CI's Garden:

The students harvest the largest cabbage grown in the garden (over 6 lbs!)

 Nawin & Nautica (FOYT students) show off the beautiful cabbages!

A community member stopped by, harvested zucchini flowers from the garden, told us to stay where we were, and came back with these delicious fried zucchini flower treats! Delicious!!

Students experiment with tomato seed saving techniques and try chocolate chip zucchini muffins made from zucchini from the garden!

 One of our weekly Wednesday harvests for the Jamestown Community Food Bank

 About to wheel our harvest over to the foodbank!

 One of our harvests for Sorauren Farmers' Market: Kohlrabi, Daikon Radish, Purple Top White Globe Turnips, Beets, Spring Onions, Lettuce Greens, and herbs.

Nautica and Nawin help out Agata and Adam at the PACT Grow To Learn Schoolyard Garden Market Stand at Sorauren Farmers' Market.

 Cooking Day at the Garden began with tasting some Dragon Fruit given to us by the Food bank. It sure is beautiful alongside our cucumbers!

 Nawin and Nav chopped the onions first. We sauteed them with garlic, then added other vegetables harvested that morning from the WHCI garden to create an awesome lunch!

 Everything we cooked for lunch (aside from the noodles) came from the WHCI garden, including onion, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, beans, swiss chard, and kale! Students practiced their chopping and cooking skills and got to taste many vegetables they hadn't tried before (and liked them!)

Cucumbers are growing

And our tomatoes are ripening. The rest of August will surely be full of colourful harvests!

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