Tuesday, 13 August 2013



We have been able to do some quite extensive garden expanding this year! We have opened up dozens of new beds and have build two new educational bird and butterfly gardens! We are also expanding outside the garden; working with Yorkdale ALC and Secondary School to rehabilitate a beautiful three room greenhouse. This space will allow us growing and educational opportunity year round! We are working on some other amazing projects like creating an extensive compost system to handle all of the schools food waste, building circle labyrinth gardens, and constructing a pizza oven. Our amazing volunteers have done magic these last few months. We are so lucky to have them in the garden! 

Early photos of our gardens waste spot before it was transformed into a butterfly garden 

This is all the asphalt we had to dig up to make the garden!

fox glove
Calendula! Anise! Yarrow! Bee balm! Lavender!...and so much more!
Alot of these seedlings we grew in our Greenhouse Program over the spring!

All we need to do now is add all of the beautiful birdhouses we made!


As you know we have really really been pushing our compost abilities this year. We have handled all the foodbanks green waste and that included this delicious mixture of dragon fruit and Oreo cookie crumbs! Compost can be so SWEET!

Dragonfruit is our Nitrogen in this mix
Our Worms are also loving their new home!
One of our Volunteers showing their love for raspberries!

The largest bee we have ever seen drying off after a sun-shower

The old track jumping pits have really come to life!

Volunteers picking our bush bean varieties we have collected over 180 lbs so far! 

Sabrina Rescuing a robin caught in some netting!

 Great Bean Project

This year we have planted over a thousand feet of rusted gray linked security fence with 5 different varieties of pole beans! We have essentially created a living green wall that can now provide hundreds if not thousands of pounds of food to anyone who wants it!

Start of the Garlic Harvest!

Broadcasting Buckwheat! We are just starting our intensive cover crop and green manure plantings!

Smiling Black Eyed Susan's!

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