Thursday, 22 August 2013

What's growing on at Lakeshore Collegiate

July was a hearty time at Lakeshore Collegiate! We're up to 800 pounds in produce and we're not even into tomato season! Here are some highlights of July.

When life gives you cucumbers...

So far cucumber has been our greatest producer weighing in at over 150 lbs. What to do with all those cukes? Pickle them! We took to the school cafeteria kitchen to ferment some of the cucumbers.

To ferment cucumbers, place the cukes in jar, crock or food grade bucket along with garlic, dill flowers, hot chilies, mustard seeds or whatever you feel fit. Experiment! Fill the vessel with a salt water brine (1 TBSP to 2 cups is a good start), allow it to sit at room temperature and watch as the natural phenomenon of fermentation occur! It should start bubbling and after a few days to a week start sampling the pickles every couple of days. The longer they sit, the more sour they'll become so you can decide your preference.

Curing Onions and Garlic

The garlic and onions have been harvested and are curing inside the school. Curing is a process in which the garlic and onions are dried out to give them a longer shelving life. To do so, hang bunches in a room that is dry but not too warm with good air circulation. Once dried you can braid the onions and garlic, tho soft neck garlic works best for this.

New seating area of beautiful found logs from a cut down Linden Tree

Perfect fall carrot germination!

Deep Tillage !

This full sun area of the garden has never been grown in but has housed a compost pile for two seasons running and is full of organic material.  We're tilling up the deep rooted quack grass and prepping it for a squash/pumpkin patch for next year. A series of tills will dry out and kill the quack grass, followed by a planting of winter rye cover crop to rebuild the soil and out compete the weeds.

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