Friday, 13 September 2013

Awaiting Autumn at Lakeshore Collegiate

Autumn is slowly creeping up on us and so are the tasks that accompany it. Fall crops need attention, main crops need harvesting and cover crops need sowing to ensure healthy soil for the next season.

Fall Crops!

We've got nappa cabbage, rutabega, spinach, watermelon radish, onions, turnips, beets, carrots and kohlrabi in the ground and growing for a fall harvest. 

Beets are sizing up!
Welcome to carrot town!

Harvest Time!

Corn and squash are ready to go! A small harvest of blue hubbard squash has been harvested, the heaviest weighing in at 17lbs!

Expanding Garden Beds!

Lakeshore Garden is expanding! We're making use of the unused spaces in the garden and expanding the garden by 1800 square feet! Some areas in the garden had been destroyed last year during the removal of invasive trees and shrubs and we've been working on rebuilding this soil through cover cropping. Other areas had been overrun with quack grass and bind weed and through sheet mulching and repeated rototilling we've been able to suppress the weeds and convert the areas into beds for next season. We'll till in the sheet mulching in the spring and open up new beds to plant in.

Some beds have been dug up this season and a cover crop of vetch and alfalfa have been planted to build up the nitrogen and organic matter in the soil. These crops will die down over the winter, mulch and protect the soil and give us a bed ready to plant into come spring.

Inter-sowing Cover Crops

We've experimented with inter-sowing cover crops with plants that are near the end of their season. The flowering buckwheat seen below looks beautiful among the kale, chard and basil.

Vetch and alfalfa inter-sown with ground cherries, basil and tomatillo

Strawberry Runners!

Thanks to the Daily Bread Food Bank for Donating strawberry runners to Lakeshore Collegiate! Over 60 plants had been planted around the garden and we're looking forward to a bountiful strawberry harvest next year!

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