Friday, 4 October 2013


This fall we have seen quite a resurgent of bees in the garden! This is great for our fall flowers and gardens biodiversity. A half dozen or more different types of honey bees, yellow jackets, bumble bees, and parasitic wasps can all be found climbing over the same plants! With so many bees in the garden you really see that many people have quite a large fear of bees or apiphobia. World honey bee and bumble bee populations are drastically declining. There is a very real fear of losing the worlds number one pollinator. Re-education is a must. We have focused a lot of energy this year talking to all of our students, volunteers, and garden friends about the importance of bees in our food and Eco systems. As more and more people are able to get over their fear of bees they may stand more of a chance. Nobody will put energy into a saving an insect they fear and don't fully understand. As bees importance is understood at a greater level we will finally begin to make really important steps in trying to change the system that is destroying them. 
With Buckwheat flowers come the bees!

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