Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer delight at Elmbank Garden

The following is a collection of moments at Elmbank JMA Garden. The summer month has been everything but slow in terms of harvesting, weeding, growing, teaching, learning, watering…

Cabbages grew beautifully between 6 and 8 pounds each head.

Watermelon the size of my nail… only one so far.



Busy co-workers

Garlic will surely keep vampires away.

Mother nature’s Madonna col Bambinos.

Raspberries are starting to ripe. Too bad I have some other night visitors feasting on them

Mamma duck is long gone with 4 ducklings. Kale and swiss chard can now be harvested.

Children attending summer camp at Elmbank JMA Garden helped harvest beautiful beets to sell and donate to the local food bank.

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