Monday, 8 September 2014

A Pumpkin! and some other updates!

We've been pretty lucky at the WHCI garden lately.

We've tasted some freshly grown cantaloup!

We've accommodated some welcome visitors!  Monarch butterfly spottings are almost a daily occurrence. 

We've admired the beautiful colours of our rainbow chard.
We've been lucky enough to get some volunteers occasionally towards the end of the summer.
And not to mention that we've been lucky enough to make new friends!
We found this furry friend on some weeds outside of the garden - just where it belongs! Here it is posing on our wood chips.

 We even found some carrots in love!
Our tomatoes are lucky to have been staked up after collapsing from the weight of their bounty!

We were so lucky we just had to celebrate  by enjoying a meal that we prepared together at the JPCI garden.

Oh and as for my promise: Here are the latest developments in the pumpkin patch.

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