Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lakeshore Collegiate: Where did the summer go?!

August felt like the longest and most action filled month of the season, with so many changes both inside and outside the garden. My amazing garden workers, Anton and Waynes, completed their summer work placement in the garden; we began our cover cropping to prepare our beds for the winter; and we completed the last of our fall planting with previously planted fall crops already showing promise. Not to mention, the giant elephant in the garden that is the start of school!
But with the coming of September and the cold autumn weather that it promises, also comes a new energy. School is in full swing with countless new students are being welcomed into the garden for the first time. The usual suspects that make up Garden Club are back at it, with a few new faces in the mix. And several classes have already made the garden their classroom, with more classes and workshops coming up this month.
But before I get too far into September, let me give you a quick overview of August and all the great things that happened that month so long ago...
All the bugs seem to love Anton
Waynes lugging cardboard on the bike trailer for sheet mulching
Trellis made out of last year's fallen branches from the trees in the garden


The students from John Polanyi made the trek down to join the Lakeshore team in the kitchen to transform 150 pounds of cabbage into sauerkraut. No small undertaking. The sauerkraut has been jarred and sold along with our veggies at our Sorauren Farmer's Market stand.

Chopping freshly harvested herbs, onions, carrots and jalapenos

Pounding the juice out of that cabbage


August is garlic harvesting time! We got some huge heads of garlic this year, and braided them to save on space in the shed where we hang them to dry. Everybody figured it out after a while.

Onions and garlic curing in the shed


Did you know that PACT grows some of the freakiest veggies in Toronto? We won first and second place in the "weirdest vegetable" category at the Sorauren Farmer's Market Fall Fair. 

"John Lennon" eggplant won first prize, and "Octo-carrots" got us second place. 


Many crops are at the peak of their lives in August! Check out the photos below. 

Our corn grows and becomes a living trellis for the pole beans


Elaine trusts no zucchini
Brussels's sprout! The coolest and most beautiful plant in the garden!

Our trellised cucumbers are benefiting from the vertical space


Earlier in the month we had finished up our fall planting. Nappa cabbage, kale, hakurei turnips, radish, lettuce and tat soi to be expected for harvest in the next couple of months!

Broad-forking the bed
Transplanting kale seedlings
Giving them a good watering
Nappa Cabbage for making fall kim chi!


 Last year we planted some strawberry runners in part of a bed, and this year decided to plant the remainder of the bed with strawberries. 30 feets of berries to look forward to in the spring. Thanks to Ben at Thistletown for sharing his strawberry runners. 

Are your strawberries running? Better go get em ;)
A whole 30 foot bed of strawberry runners!


Time to start thinking about cover crops! In August we planted oats, peas and tonnes of buckwheat. Stay tuned for updates on this in the next post.

Oats poking through!

Buckwheat! In a few weeks it'll be up to my waist and flowering!

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