Monday, 2 February 2015

Getting Ready for another fantastic season at Thistletown CI!


Thank you so much everyone for all of your support throughout this 2014 growing season! We are immensely proud of the many outstanding successes we’ve had experienced this year, both large and small.  It has been a fantastic season and truly a momentous leap forward for the Thistletown Schoolyard Garden Program.  We would like to express our many thanks to all of our supporters, for we could never have achieved so much without your tremendous efforts.

The Thistletown Collegiate schoolyard garden program is CLOSED for the winter season.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at Stay tuned for more news and updates in Spring 2015!

For the latest news and to see what’s growing in the Thistletown garden, be sure to check back in at our Grow to Learn blog and Facebook page.

Check out the exciting new projects we have planned for Spring 2015!!!

Fruit Orchard
With generous financial support from the TDSB Sustainability Office, we will be installing a fruit orchard at the TCI schoolyard garden, including apples, pears, plums, and more!

Outdoor Classroom
We will also be adding an outdoor classroom to the garden in order to improve the functionality of the site.  To make space for all of these new happenings, we will be increasing the garden perimeter by converting the existing lawn into a garden plot and extending the space out to the sidewalk edge along Fordwich Avenue. 

Food Box Program
 We are also excited to announce we will be offering a pilot food box program through the TCI schoolyard garden scheduled to begin in spring/summer 2015.  This program will add a new dynamic to our food distribution system and further improve access to the healthy, fresh produce grown on site. Be sure to check back for more details about registering for this fantastic opportunity to support the schoolyard garden program by purchasing some of the fresh, tastiest organic produce available.

The Thistletown Collegiate schoolyard garden program operates each year between April and November.  All are welcome to visit and/or help out in the garden.  No prior experience needed!

The Thistletown Collegiate schoolyard garden offers a rich and dynamic environment for engaging students in real-world and hands-on learning for all levels, all grades, and all subject areas.  PACT Grow to Learn welcomes and encourages all staff to integrate field trips to the garden in their courses during the growing season.  Help improve student success by facilitating experiential learning opportunities for your students.

Consider bringing students to the garden to explore, practice, and apply concepts and skills related to courses in the Arts, Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, Computer Studies, English and English as a Second Language, French as a Second Language, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Humanities, and Technological Education.

Contact Ben Postance, Project Coordinator, PACT Grow to Learn Schoolyard Garden Program to to schedule a class trip to the garden or to discuss opportunities to collaborate on lesson planning.


Earn Cooperative Education credits!

The PACT Grow to Learn is pleased to support students interested in earning cooperative education credit courses through work at the schoolyard garden.  Schedule an appointment with your cooperative education teacher for full details and registration information.
Get community service hours!

Students’ are welcomed to help out in the garden on a drop in basis at lunch, after school, and during summer holidays in July and August. Support a great cause, have fun, meet new people, and gain new skills and knowledge!

Paid summer jobs available!

Positions for secondary school students are available each summer during July and August. 

Community Members

Volunteering with PACT provides a great opportunity to be part of a team of dedicated and passionate people.  Check out our website to learn all about PACT and access the online volunteer application.  Please note all regular volunteers MUST sign a confidentiality agreement (information about youth in conflict with the law is sensitive and confidential) and complete a Vulnerable Sector Police Background Check form.  If you are interested, have questions, or require further assistance, contact Ben Marshall, Director of Program Development at 416-656-8824 or

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