Thursday, 25 June 2015

Well, things are really shaping up, aren't they?

April and May have been a whirlwind, but this June offered a bit of breathing room. Classes are finishing up, seeds have been sown, plants have been planted, and everyone, plants included, is starting to slip into their summer mode. With some of this major work behind us, we had the chance to catch up on some other projects and tick off the garden to-do-list.   

Our gate is complete!

Sometimes when you're a garden manager, you end up doing things that you know nothing about, like building a fence and gate. You dig some 3 foot deep holes and drill some screws here and there and bingo-bango, you've got a new fence and gate. This was possibly the final expansion of the Lakeshore garden (there is literally NO space left for us to invade) where about 8-9 feet was added to the front of the garden to accommodate the truckloads of compost and woodchips we get from time to time. We love our bicycle wheels here at Lakeshore, don't we?


 The outdoor classroom 

Also! Also! The expansion allowed us to put in a new seating area! Yes, we love our old, sturdy Linden log, but it could only fit so many of our ever expanding garden club members. Ooh how it glows with it's bright red varnish. We'll put in a second table in due time for some serious learning comfort. 

Linden log, meet picnic table

Potatoes, finally! 

Our potato order was delayed, and so for some time the prepped beds lay empty. We had the cute little sign that read "potato" stakes up and everything. But finally, they came in! Red potato, yellow potato, fingerling potato and russet! We took a tip from PACT super gardener Ben at Thisletown Collegiate and tried out some potato towers. Here's a link...right...HERE in case you missed that post last year.

team awesome 


Sprucing up the place

More signs! More painting! Oh and we got garbage cans! I never thought I would be so excited to get garbage cans. I hate littering so much, and recycling is a big deal too, so we got cans for recycling as well.

Ha ha ha, just like Oscar the Grouch.

The Lakeshore Hardwood Forest

I've mentioned this several times before, but Lakeshore has a lot of trees among the garden beds: three Paper Birch, two White Pine, one Tulip Tree, one English Walnut and one Oak Tree. The last two on that list are mother to several oak and walnut babies, which we've been potting up. We're running a little tree nursery now! If we weren't around to dig up these babies, LCI would be a little forest in a few decades, which would also be quite nice.

Oak babies

BBQ and Carnival Fare

Student counsel raised the bar this year with their BBQ/Carnival event. The event was held to inaugurate four! new cedar picnic tables, built by woodshop and from money raised by student counsel. Very impressive. We got ours at the Home Depot. 
Hot dogs were grilled and games were played. I would have played too but I was busy serving up salad harvested from the Lakeshore garden. Free salad is a good way of getting high schoolers to eat vegetables. Teachers enjoyed too, and those who didn't were shamed. 


Things have been quiet, but that's just the calm before the storm. The ever increasing harvests will soon demand all my time in the garden. Look at all the stuff that's growing!


DRAGON KALE, as volunteer Allendria likes to call it

The flowers, they are escaping!

To infinity and beyond!
Horseradish, borage, cilantro, dill, wood sorrel, + misc.

The calmest lady bug there was

Yellow snow peas, for real

Check out all that chicory



Mondays 3-7pm at Sorauren Ave Park

Dates to find us: 

July 6th, July 20th, 

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