Monday, 20 July 2015

LCI's Growing Plants Have Finally Taken Shape!

     This summer, the FOYT Program hired three people to work at LCI's garden, on Kipling Avenue, and so far it has been really helpful in keeping track of all the plants growing here. A few posts have already been published with the late news of a new gate, which was taken down because it broke;  new signs and a picnic table, but now there will be a lot of photos showing how our plants are doing because it's already mid-summer! 
     Today is July 20th and that means market day! A lot of vegetables were harvested and it is supposed to be one of the best markets so far because of the hot weather and all the different plants that get to be sold, since the last time for some of them was last year, like beans.
     Below, there will be photos of what is being done at this garden, how it looks and how much fun the people working here have while learning about nature. Also, the LCI's Crew has already visited some other gardens run by PACT, like Elmbank Junior Middle Academy and John Polanyi Institute. The visits to the Food Bank are also regular and a few people have already come into out garden to get more information about PACT and check out our Bee Hotel.


This week it rained a lot but that was great for the corn and the squash surrounded by clover! They were planted about a month ago and are almost ready to produce.


And the flower is starting to open!
One of our volunteers getting a good angle to photograph the squash and corn, which grew a lot since last week!


 The beans and lavender are gorgeous and the water they get is just left over from the rinses we give our harvested vegetables!

Some of our beautiful camomile was picked and is getting dry for tea.

Oregano leaves, one of our favorite herbs.

And these flowers are great for the bees, just the beautiful texture makes you want to touch it.

The nasturtiums are crawling up the bicycle wheels, 
and what nice circles they are making!

                                                   How can be bees not love this view?

More bicycle wheels were added on top of the bee hotel because the nasturtiums don't stop growing up!

The cosmo flowers are starting to open and the dark red nasturtiums are finally here, but hidden...

Some random plants just like to grow on the little space in between the walls and sidewalk, but there is one that we know, the milkweed.

The lavender is starting to smell!

When is this going to stop growing?

This was a hard photo to take, but it looks like the butterflies love the mint flower! 

Just the way the petals fall is amazing. 

Our path is looking great!

The first sunflower is now open!!! And it looks comfy.

The borage never stops giving flowers and tastes good all the time. 

One of the favorite signs because the colangela and silantro flowers are surrounding it in such a beautiful way. 

Great close-ups! Photography is also a way of gardening, it just shows how beautiful the plants we have really are, therefore is always important to take good care of them.


The red currants are ready to be eaten!

The carrots are almost ready and more cabbage was planted. It looks like all of it got seeded pretty well.

The golden and red beets were thinned and are getting really big. 

 The cabbages on this bed were transplanted and they did really well. Don't stop growing!

The potatoes have been having soil put on them every week and the flower is already popping, which means it's almost time for them to be ready and picked.

The eggplant started slowly but is now doing well, and the basil is also green and with big leaves. 

The new berry bed has red currants, gooseberries and others, and it's supposed to be a successful first year for them.

The purple and green beans just started being picked last week and dozens of pounds were already brought to market. 

 The tomatoes have been pruned and trellised, and are now ready to produce big red tomatoes!

And this week the LCI crew will be braiding garlic as well as making sauerkraut with all this year's cabbages, together with JPCI! 

The cucumbers have been growing and others have been successfully transplanted, soon they will have little and spiky cucumbers.

There are now three bins for our compost, and we have been running out, but more is getting  ready to be put on the empty beds that need to be seeded.

We now are growing worms too, and they are doing well. We feed them banana peels, pieces of newspaper, avocado shells and they love it!

This is where we have our week meetings, eat lunch, rest a little and share our stories. The new picnic table has come in handy for a lot of tasks and we are now thinking of having a new tent for when it is too hot or raining. It will help us keeping up with the tasks when the weather is not the best.

The new trailer that the LCI's Supervisor got has been a lot better than the one from last year. Now all our produce can be loaded  and biked to market in good condition!

The LCI Garden will also have colourful flags being put up this week! We have been tried to make the design of this garden better and more good news are to come soon!

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