Thursday, 30 July 2015

The End of School & Summertime at Elmbank!

Well, here at Elmbank in mid-July sure does look different compared to the rest of the school year! Instead of 30-50 kids in the garden at any given time, now the garden is less populated, but still busy! On Mondays and Wednesdays, PACT has partnered with one of the City of Toronto's local camps, offering them two garden beds to grow in after their garden became home to a family of skunks!  It's been great to collaborate and learn from the City's expert gardener facilitator.

We also have been so fortunate to have caught the attention of a family of young female artists, who's mother brings them by every Friday to help beautify the outside of our garden fence with flowers, fruits and veggies! Their vision is  cover the entire fence with their creations by the end of summer! I'm all for it :)

Shifting backwards a bit, one moment I loved from the end of school this year was when the kindergarten classes came out to release the butterflies they had been nurturing since their chrysalid stage into the garden! It was such an exciting moment, and only made better knowing that the garden would be providing an environment where these butterflies might stand a good chance of thriving in an otherwise harsh urban environment. Nothing more adorable than seeing 40 5 and 6 year olds chant "set them free" as the butterflies were set loose from their mesh cages. 

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