Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cross Toronto Garden Tour with PACT, Foodshare, Green Thumbs, Black Urban Growers and The Stop!

This past week, PACT Staff and summer students had a chance to visit some of the best and biggest schoolyard gardens across Toronto. With our awesome partners from Foodshare, Green Thumbs Growng Kids, Black Urban Growers and The Stop, we toured one garden from each group, exploring rooftop gardens, elementary school gardens, world crop gardens, and more! It's clear that Toronto is full of passionate and skilled gardeners, and that young people are, more than ever, being exposed to the joy of growing organic. At the same time, summer students from all organizations are also being led through discussions around food security, environmental justice, and how food access deeply impacts race & class issues. It was amazing to see different approaches to gardening, as well as sharing tips and tricks for dealing with various gardening challenges. Our kids got to end their day with a nacho party at our very own PACT John Polanyi garden!

We want to give a big thanks to all our students who participated in our program this year. We are inspired by your questions and so excited to see what you do with your "blossoming" gardening skills!

Now it's time to prep for the fall and welcome back all the other hundreds of students that participate in the garden during the school year! Here we grow again!

Here's some photos from our tour this week:
At the Green Thumbs Garden @ Sprucecourt Public School

Mushroom inoculated logs @ Eastdale Collegiate

Strawberries at Eastdale Rooftop garden were doing AMAZINGLY well...we should know, we got to taste test! 

At first we thought this was a special tomato variety, but we were told these tomatoes are suffering from what Mik at The Stop described as "Cat Face Disease" due to a boron deficiency in the soil

My new favorite fruit: MOUSE MELONS! Taste like tiny little cucumbers! 

One of the highlights of the day: PACT Grow to Learn's chicken friends, saved from industrial farming and enjoying a full happy life at one of our gardens :) 

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