Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Elmbank JMA is Stoked on Salads!

Well, spring has sprung in the PACT Elmbank JMA garden! Wait, let me take that back... SUMMER has sprung, and has sprung with a vengeance! But the relentless heat and lack of rain hasn't kept students at Elmbank from enjoying all the delicious glory of spring greens! And what better way to enjoy the bounty of spring greens than, you guessed it, Salads!!

Colourful, spicy, salad mix from the PACT Garden at Elmbank JMA
But delicious colourful salads have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in the ground! We got our hands dirty this spring, planting up a storm in the PACT garden at Elmbank JMA.

Elmbank students busy planting!
This year, students at Elmbank planted 'theme gardens' to keep things interesting. Check out Mr.Anderson's class planting the 'Purple Garden!' Purple Mustard and Purple Mizzuna make fantastic additions to any salad; Mustards add the tang, while Mizzuna adds the texture! The 'Salad Garden' is full of tender sweet lettuce to keep our salads cool and crispy, while the 'Pizza Garden' is where we can find zesty, spicy arugula to add some snap to any bowl of greens! Look for edible flowers in the 'Pollinator Garden' to add colour and diversity to your spring salad. 

Students using a 'planting scheme' to plant the purple garden.
No spring salad is complete without one important ingredient - spring radishes of course! Plenty of people think they don't like these crispy, spicy, pink, white, red, or purple, globed beauties. But I use the word 'think' here strategically, because until you've tasted that perfect spring radish, freshly pulled from the Earth, you haven't TRULY been enlightened to all that radishes can be! Just ask the Kindergartners at Elmbank! They are the radish's BIGGEST fans!

An Elmbank JMA Kindergarten class get's ready to chop and mix up their salad post harvest!

As spring gives way to summer; tender greens go to seed, and summer hot crops begin to set fruit; I am looking forward to staying connected to families at Elmbank through our weekly community markets, and hosting volunteers! 

Come get your veg and explore the garden Wednesdays from 2-5pm starting June 29! If you'd like to volunteer to earn 'garden bucks' that can be used to purchase vegetables at the weekly market, please contact Laura Bennett at laurasredsky@gmail.com, or call 416-655-8002. 

That's all for now from Elmbank JMA! 
Stay tuned for more updates, or better yet, come on out and grow with us! 

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